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Valentina Azizova is an innovation designer based in NYC who currently works in performing fashion


Valentina Azizova — Statement

“Our current times impose another way to look at fashion, gender, age.... A huge wave of rethinking needs to be set into motion, emancipating everything for everyone, every step of the way. Every little detail, every small token.”
- Li Edelkoort, “On Times That Are A-Changing”

I have been working on, creating and leading many womenswear collections in the past years. For me, the process of creating or designing a garment is inseparably connected to the process of wearing it, layering it, looking at it, washing it and photographing it. Each article of clothing that I’ve created must be baptized with a name of its own and grow together with the wearer. This is why my approach to design is simple and complicated all at once: the very first minute of the creation of an item has tremendous consequences on the end result, the wearer, the environment. Product has an impact. 

Furthermore, I have been exploring femininity within the modern-day context throughout my career. In a tech-dominated performance fashion, femininity had gone through an astounding transformation. For the first time, there is a clear balance between masculinity and femininity in this field as womenswear has been molded and altered. In a modern society feminine product no longer needs masculinity to demonstrate independancy and display strength. Separating from unisex, the wearer feels drawn to an innate elegance, playfulness and a calculated and tested design. Womenswear is reinventing itself right now and I am thrilled to be part of it.

I currently work for Nike as Innovation designer. 


CV upon request